Unique Beverage from Coca Cola

Vitamin Water Zero is the latest drink from soft drinks giant, Coca Cola Company. It is sweetened naturally with the use of Truvia, Stevia leaf extract. Together with Coke, the beverage was launched by Glaceau, which is a popular enhance-water beverage drink maker. Today, more and more people are turning to Vitamin Water as a great-tasting option in sweetened beverage. The best thing about it is that it only has zero calories for every serving. What’s more, it comes with a number of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Coca Cola Company is proud of the fact the Vitamin Water Zero uses a natural sweetener in the form of Truvia. Likewise, it claims that the beverage is unlike any other ordinary cola, since it possesses minerals, vitamins and nutrients; this includes Vitamins B complex, c and a number of known electrolytes, like potassium, calcium and magnesium. What makes the beverage in demand is that it is ideal for those who watch their body weight. This is likewise the healthy option for people who love to include sweetened beverage as part of their every day meals, without having to worry about gaining unwanted weight, if only because of its zero calorie.

Vitamin Water Zero is available in seven unique flavors; these are acai-pomegranate-blueberry, lemonade, orange, grape raspberry, mixed berry, peach mandarin and green tea. A lot of Vitamin Water consumers swear to the delectable taste of lemonade and mixed berry. It is available in twenty-ounce bottles, which is considered to be large enough to quench anyone’s thirst.

Coca cola is aggressive when it comes to the promotion of Vitamin Water Zero. It announced that this latest beverage brand complements the beverage base perfectly.  Vitamin Water zero offers an option to numerous calorie and weight-conscious consumers who are in search for the best-tasting cool beverage. However, they are also looking for a drink that possesses health benefits, in the form of nutrients, like minerals and vitamins, as well as electrolytes.

Actually, Vitamin Water Zero is the most recent addition to The Coca Coca Company’s Active Lifestyle Beverage or ALB. Hence, Vitamin Water is now a member of a group of popular energy drinks and beverages, like Nos, Full Trottle, Fuze, Powarade and SmartWater.

While there are numerous customers of the beverages that swear to its healthfulness because of its vitamins and nutrients, others have launched attacks against Vitamin Water, particularly to claims by Coca Cola that it is a perfect health drink. While Coca Cola said that the beverage has no sugar content, and was actually sweetened by a natural sweetener known as Truvia, according to CSPI experts, it has over 33 grams of sugar in every bottle of the beverage product.

This means that the beverage can possibly promote and develop diabetes, obesity and other health conditions. Whatever the truth about the beverage’s sugar content might be, the fact remains that Vitamin Water Zero is the latest drink that provide the coolest of refreshments to consumers. More importantly, anyone will surely gain essential vitamins and mineral, making it a really unique, healthful drink.