Vitamin Water Zero

Vitamin Water Zero, one of Coke’s newest beverage products, hit the store shelves and immediately captured the attention of a lot of consumers. It is known as a beverage that has zero calorie. It is the no-calorie version of the original soft drinks line of Coca Cola Company.  Vitamin Water zero is actually available in seven different flavors, with interesting brand names, like Rise, Recoup and Revitalize. Its maker announced the Vitamin Water Zero as more than just an ordinary beverage. Indeed, this beverage is calorie-free. Consumer may make it an alternative choice, much better than the ordinary beverage line. It should be an option for those who are closely watching their waistlines.

Vitamin Water Zero possesses no artificial sugars or sweeteners. Instead, the beverage is given its sweetness from frustone and Truvia. These are forms of natural fruit sugar. The best thing about fructose is that even a large amount of them will not be enough to match one gram of refined sugar. Likewise, the beverage drinks colored naturally from ingredients that come from vegetables and fruits.

Every eight-ounce serving of Vitamin Water Zero possesses 100 % of the day-to-day value for vitamin C. It likewise provides 40 % of a number of Vitamin B, as well as strong boost from a small percentage of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin Water Zero does not possess enough potassium and sodium that are important for those who consider this beverage as electrolyte-providing sports refreshment drink. Likewise, the beverage does provide the appropriate amount of minerals and vitamins that will replace lost or used multi vitamins. Still, this special drinks a lot of important health benefits that it can offer to consumers. The best benefit is that it offers an alternative when people want sufficient water intake. This beverage from Coke is considered to be an acceptable fluid substitute.

So, is Vitamin Water Zero super water really a healthy drink substitute, or just like any other soft drinks in disguise as a health beverage drink? The drink actually made a splash when it comes to attracting the interest of consumers. This has become possible in part, because of the popularity of its maker, Coca Cola Company. Not all have accepted the beverage with open arms. For instance, Center in Public Interest has filed a lawsuit case against the maker, Coca Cola, because they accused it over untruthful and unsubstantiated health claims, when it comes to Vitamin Water beverages.

Coca Cola Company markets Vitamin Water Zero as a healthy and alternative brand to cola or soda drinks. However, they have yet to substantiate its claims, according to the Center. While indeed, the soft drinks giant might have been a bit exaggerated when it comes to advertising Vitamin Water Zero, it cannot be denied that the Vitamin Water beverage drink can be considered as a unique brand of beverage that offers a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. For this fact, this newest beverage brand from Coke can indeed be branded as a healthful beverage.